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A team dedicated to excellence

Over the past 50 years, Repaco has established itself as a leading manufacturer of customized thermoformed products.

Located in Granby, the company provides employment for 25 people with 15 years of experience, on average.

Its clientele comes mainly from the industrial, manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

A complete range of products

50 years of expertise have shaped the range of products we proudly present to you. This range continues to grow in quantity and improve in quality, meeting higher and higher standards of excellence.

Offer you a personalized and fast service as well as a high quality product at a competitive price.

Our vision

Repaco’s vision is inspired by the desire to effectively meet the needs of each and every one of our clients.

Our commitment

Repaco is committed to doing everything possible to propel its clientele towards success.

Our mission

Fully understanding the specific needs of each client in order to provide tailored solutions is essential to our mission.

The best in thermoforming

We make every effort to deliver exceptional products

Whether it is the dedication of our team to realize projects that will meet your requirements or the quality of our equipment which allow a great flexibility, the primary goal is always the satisfaction of all our customers.


Our team of manufacturing engineers can develop tailor-made packaging that meets your requirements.


Before starting production, we will provide you with prototypes so that you can see the final result and make corrections if necessary.


Clamshell packaging provide you with a great flexibility in the appearance of your packaging product.


The possibilities are enormous thanks to our equipment which allow the use of a great variety of materials.


Our wide range of colors increases the possibilities of personalizing the general visual of your packaging.